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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 22, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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it soothes it? >> i think it soothes it. >> if fungus is causing the hot spot, it can be used on there as well. i'll see you all next time. thank you for watching. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. frank somerville has the night off. we begin with breaking news. this is happening in the area of north first street right between heading street and younger avenue. we are following what happened after a fatal stabbing this afternoon. that stabbing happened in a parking lot right in front of a brick wall. at this point these are
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helicopter pictures. we know that investigators have been collecting evidence but we did just get to the scene moments afterward. and we're told it was actually a pretty gruesome scene. we have video of children affected as well. we saw them being led away from a school. at this point let's go ahead and bring in robert handa. this is the video we referenced. the children being led to safety by investigators. robert you told us earlier in the newsroom that it was a very gruesome scene. >> it was, it was an attack that took place here on north first street close to where we're standing. in fact, you can see this is still a very active crime scene. during the past hour, san jose police units have been adding more and more patrol units to the neighborhood. now again, a scene that you saw a little bit earlier. students being escorted from peter burnett middle school on heading. and these students were not in a locked down situation. but police thought for their safety they should be moved
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because they are basically in the midst of the search area. and we're going to be able to show you some of the scene where investigators have been collecting evidence. but we have to tell you that we did get here just minutes after it happened so it was a gruesome scene. an ambulance rushed the stabbing victim away just after 3:00 she died half an hour later. just before that they saw her arguing with a man in the parking lot next to the togo's restaurant. soon her clothes and belongings went flying as the man began stabbing her. we talked to one of the witnesses a togo's employee shortly after she talked to the police officers about the horrifying attack. >> if you can just see him stabbing the girl. she was on the floor and he was going for it, stabbing her. and a guy just took off running and that's when they went and helped heifer. it happened too fast. i don't know.
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it was just too much. >> reporter: soon after the search started officers found this man partly covered with blood. police stopped him. he was ruled out as the stabber. >> any time we get here this fast and he flees on foot we have to entertain the possibility he's still here. >> reporter: now as you can see from this scene from news chopper 2 it is still very hectic around second and third street and heading street. people are being escorted out of the area. as well as police officers with canine dogs go through the neighborhood. we're not showing you shots of the search because they want to make sure the suspect isn't monitoring what's happening here. the suspect is described as a philipino male about 6'8". they're asking residents to keep an eye on him and to be careful because he is considered possibly armed and
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definitely dangerous. we will bring you an update and full update at 6:00. robert handa, ktvu. >> i know the first and heading area is right near the county of santa clara buildings. the jail is in that area. the police office is there. how is this affecting the offices there. >> reporter: many of the police officers are on the scene. but it doesn't affect the county business because they're directly opposite from where most of the action is taking place. they believe that he headed south in the area from where he left the crime scene. and most of the county buildings, city buildings and everything else is to the north. and so most of the blocked area is to the south. >> live in san jose we'll stay
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on this story all night. criminal charges will not be filed against the driver who fatally hit a teenage girl. leyla vevand was riding her bike to school when the accident happened. they say the teen should have yielded to the gmc pickup truck in front of her as it slowed down to turn. she attempted to make the same turn. hit the vehicle and was ran over. the teen's family is opposing the findings and is launching their own investigation. new at 5:00, we're now learning some city employees could face criminal charges themselves for failing to report allegations. allie rasmusen live with what she just learned from investigators. >> reporter: the contra costa
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county investigators are facing charges for failing to alert officials. 27-year-old jason pedroza faces felony and misdemeanor charges that he sexually assaulted two teenage girls. pedroza was working as an assistant for the children's theater company. pedroza was charged last february but today we're learning his coworkers may face charges for failing to report him to police. >> we're talking about employees of the city that are being investigated for failure to report that's correct. there's also i will tell you a concurrent administrative investigation going on because we take this matter extremely seriously. this has been the city's highest priority this week. >> reporter: walnut creek city manager ken norhall says because of the investigation he
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cannot go into detail exactly what these employees do for the city. he says the city of walnut creek has hired outside legal council to conduct an internal investigation. so far no employees have been placed on administrative leave but that could change depending on how the investigation developing. allie rasmus. a youth baseball coach charged with child molestation has turned himself in. the contra costa county investigator says that joel kauffman was booked and released this afternoon. he was charged with two counts of lewd acts with a child. he coached at oakland bishop
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odouse high school. a batch of marijuana laced brownnies could be the cause of the sickening of some teenagers. >> reporter: these brownnies were passed around at wood shop. the district will only confirm five students got sick but some family members have been here in the hospital today insist it was more than that. as kids walked out of martin luther king middle school they had already heard the news. someone was handing out brownnies laced with marijuana. >> reporter: eduardo palomino says his for did not know what was in the brownnie. >> she felt drowsiness, tired,
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numbness, tingling. >> the school district has to take action on this like right away. it's not acceptable. >> reporter: the girl's family say it is school told them the brownnies and cookies came from a near by high school student. the principal would not talk to us. the district says it's also launched disciplinary action but won't say how many students are involved. >> i am very much aware that there's drugs right now everywhere. but for the school to allow for someone to allow someone from another school, someone from a different grade level and allow these kids to be exploited to this is ridiculous. >> reporter: we did reach out to hayward police several times but have not yet heard a response. we did hear from other people who were in the emergency room today as parents and kids started coming in and we're putting the story together for
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6:00. oakland firefighters say they discovered a marijuana grow operation while fighting a house fire this afternoon. the fire started at 6:30 not far from lake merit. the fire was under control in about 30 minutes but there is extensive smoke and water damage to the home. when firefighters got inside they found a bedroom filled with marijuana plants and a large bank of batteries in the attic. no one was home at the time. police are now trying to determine whether the grow was legal. 10 people are under arrest following a probation sweep in eastern contra costa county. police all joined forces with sheriff deputies, the district attorney's office and federal agents in wednesday morning's sweeps. two guns and drug paraphernalia were also seized. east palo alto police released these pictures of weapons recovered from a peninsula storage unit. officers discovered 10 handguns and more than 5,000 pounds of
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ammunition in redwood city wednesday morning. the bust was the result of operation smart a collaboration between menlo park and east palo alto police to address gang related violence in those two cities. a former bay area priest has been sentenced to 18 months in prison in his native ireland for molesting two boys several years ago. payge was found working in ireland. mccabbe is likely to get out soon because of time served. police arrested a demonstrator in san francisco today during a protest against the city's nudity ban. >> today's demonstration came
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as nudists resubmitted a complaint against the ban. they also filed a complaint against city police for what they call discriminatory laws. on the final leg of president obama's four day tour he went to jordan where he pledged money for a food plague going on. before leaving president obama layedwreaths. upon landing in jordan the president met with king abdulla. >> what they're looking for is
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replacing oppression with freedom and opportunity and democracy. >> reporter: the conflict has had a major affect on jordan. king abdula asked for help. >> the numbers have just competed 250,000 syrians that is 10% of our population. >> reporter: if president announced his administration will work with congress to provide jordan with aid this year to help the huge number of refugees. >> it's heartbreaking, the sight of children and women being slaughtered that we've seen so much i think has to compel all of us to say what more can we do. >> reporter: the two also talks about the efforts to resume peace talks between israel and the pelestinians. while he hopes u.s. and u.n. sanctions would lead it to
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cooperate and open its nuclear facilities he's not taking any option off the table. today when a reporter asked president obama if he's prepared to deal with a fall out of a military strike, he repeated the best solution of the situation is through diplomacy. oakland city council president says she's working on a way to censer. the congress members deny any wrong doing. another high tech start up hits it big on the stock market. still ahead. >> back here in just 10 minutes, no clouds out there
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now. it's kind of windy. we have winds gusts up to 35 miles per hour. the weekend is here. how much warmer can it get in the neighborhood back here in 10.
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we're checking breaking news in san bruno. that's where police are checking on a report of a suspicious package. police say they received a warning. that school is located at 3200 college drive in san bruno. we're sending news chopper 2 to that area. we know that the entire college has been evacuated. the school was closed as of 4:00 p.m. there's an announcement on the school's website that says school is set to resume tomorrow. we're told that san bruno police department are on the scene we also know that a bomb squad is headed there as well. as news chopper 2 makes its progress, when we get more information we will bring you more on this breaking news in
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san bruno. meanwhile a man is recovering when boulders fell in sausalito. mark demolian's her -- mercedes suffered major damage when it struck the boulders. two other cars also hit the boulders and were damaged. cars and debris covered the road. the hillside was deemed secure and all lanes were finally reopened. criminal charges will not be filed against a driver who hit and killed a 14-year-old girl redwood city girl. they say the teen should have yielded to the gmc truck. she attempted to make the same turn, hit the vehicle and was run over. the girl's family says it
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disagrees with the findings and is launching their own investigation. police are looking for j era me balmonte posas of milpitas. they say he jumped out of a black ford mustang convertible and ran away. and they say he threw a loaded gun away as he ran. a bay area debut in the stock market was a hit. it's another sign of good times for silican valley. >> reporter: san francisco based marin software team rang the bell. by day's end the price for a share of its stock has increased by more than 16% because the company already had a very good financial track record. >> they have a path of profitability. they have a model that is going to generate revenue and make money so the street likes that. >> reporter: and because of
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that san francisco gain add few more overnight millionaires today. >> that's the best of what made america what it is today. i have no problem for it. i wish i worked for that company so i could cash out. >> that's the way america is built. one day you could be nothing, the next day you could be somebody, that's a good thing. >> reporter: initial public offerings have done well this year. >> it just shows there's confidence coming back into the marketplace. >> reporter: another reason the stocks are so attractive is that compared to government bonds which pay almost nothing, if you're willing to take a little bit of a risk in the stock market you really can make some money. >> we could have up to 33 ipos raising about 8.5 billion in revenues so that's very positive for the market. >> reporter: the only worry that investors drove marin's prices high as they did with facebook a company with no clear path of profitability and still lingering way below it's
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initial offering price. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. on wall street today stocks rose on hopes hopes. new jobs figured released today show that january unemployment rate was up here in the bay area while the state wide rate went unchanged for the month. according to the california employment development department the state's unemployment rate was 9.8% in january. during the same period a year ago the jobless rate was 11%. more than 47,000 new unemployment claims were filed statewide in january. the state jobs figure shows solano county had the highest unemployment rate in the bay area in january at 10%. that's up from 9.4% in december. all bay area counties saw the
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numbers pick pup even marin county which has the lowest rate in the state saw its unemployment rate increase slightly to 5.8%. in just about an hour here b.a.r.t. is going to end its week long test for rules of taking bikes on trains. b.a.r.t. is taking feed back from riders through an online survey on its website. b.a.r.t.'s board is expected to decide if it will permanently allow bikes on trains. >> after getting off b.a.r.t., what a great day to ride your bike. >> plenty of sunshine, not a lot of cloud cover out there very little and no fog along the coast. the weather featured today that you probably noticed was the wind. in turn you probably noticed the allergy sufferers. today was one of those blowing out there. you can see the camera, we had gusts up to 35 miles per hour.
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you go out to the satellite imagine. you know what it's looking like. this is a dry pattern for us as everything is going up over the top. that just outlines the jet stream at 20,000 feet and it's all going this way. so we reside under this and that domefied pressure keeps us warm. we have a wind advisory out near the vacaville area. current temperatures we have 67 right now in livermore. 70degrees in walnut creek so it's really very nice out there. the bay area weekend is nice. we're dry through the bay area weekend. temperatures are going to warm southerly as we go into sunday. the wind should die down and we should have a really good looking saturday and sunday. there's some rain in the forecast in the five day. we'll show you that in a little bit. 42degrees tomorrow morning in vallejo. 40 in concord. tomorrow a lot like what we had today. really not a big difference expect big wind tomorrow.
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mostly clear and slightly breezy tomorrow morning but not as windy. it was really windy out there this morning in san ramon: tomorrow sunny and about that much warmer just a little bit. today was nice. it'll be less wind a little bit warmer. the extended forecast. here's the cool thing we have a shot at showers coming in toward the middle of next week. that will be a really, really good thing. when we come back we will go looking at the showers in the long range forecast model. with your bay area weekend in view we will see you back here at 5:45. the lines are already forming but these people aren't camping out for concert tickets or the latest video game it's the legal fight they want to see in person and it doesn't happen until monday. the flu season is slowing down but not before taking its toll. we count the costs. a principal leaps into action to stop an i pad injustice. >> we tried to go that's when i caught him and dragged him down. >> how the alleged thief snatched thousands of i pads
5:25 pm
from students. >> then, busting illegal dumps. >> surprise inspections this morning at illegal transfer stations we go along for the ride to show you what the inspectors found. >> plus devils slide counting down to its final commute. what's in store for its big opening. we're here! we're going to the park! [ gina ] oh hey, dan!
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[ male announcer ] volkswagen springtoberfest is here and there's no better time to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease one of four volkswagen models for under $200 a month. visit today. san francisco arch bishop salvator cordileone says that's where he witnessed firsthand that not having a father resulted in youth violence, poverty. he went on to say a society that is careless about getting fathers and mothers together to raise their family is causing enormous heart ache. a washington bureau found a handful of people already camping out outside the supreme court building for a seat inside the courtroom on
5:28 pm
tuesday. one camper said it's a small sacrifice to witness history firsthand. two cases will go before the supreme court. the first involves a california couple. stay with ktvu for complete coverage of the u.s. supreme court hearings. david stevenson is headed to washington, d.c. and will have live reports starting on monday. a sidewalk symphony as musicians go door to door to explain why they're striking. cashing in on cal basketball. the mad demand for a court side seat during the cal's ncaa showing. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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street performers are not an unusual sight in san francisco unless they're members of the world renowned san francisco symphony. striking musicians tried to drum up support from near by businesses that are feeling the effect of their labor dispute. david stevenson is live where many restaurants depend on the big crowds that fill the neighborhoods on performance nights, david. >> reporter: symphony musicians tried to showcase their side of the strike and the impact they say it will have on their neighbors. striking san francisco symphony musicians today worked to win over the public with a sidewalk performance just a few blocks away from their daily symphony site home. >> our directors just got large bonuses, that's fantastic and
5:32 pm
we totally support that. we're trying to bargain a fair contract for ourselves. >> reporter: the strike has brought forward a contract strike. symphony officials say operating expenses are outpacing incomes. the musicians on average earn $165,000 a year. they told the public they are worth that and more because of their lifelong dedication to their craft. >> it's like being a sports player. not only do you have to be musically and technically on top of your game. you have to be physically prepared. >> most of us don't make close to that. i'm hoping for a quick resolution because i have a lot
5:33 pm
more tickets. >> the truth is the symphony and other organizations bring in hundreds of millions of the dollars to the city and when we stop playing that affects everybody. >> reporter: contract talks have not been rescheduled the show will go on for sunday's orchestra youth concert. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. transportation officials voted to approve a speed limit increase at the golden gate bridge. the move will increase the limit from 11 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour. that's when the conversion to all electronic toll taking takes place. we are still following breaking news in san jose where police right now are searching for a homicide suspect in the area of north first street between heading and younger: you can see these are pictures that were taken earlier from news chopper 2 as children were led out of a near by school
5:34 pm
campus escorted by police as they continue to search for a person involved in a stabbing. police tell us a woman was stabbed near a restaurant and that woman has died. ktvu's robert handa is on the scene talking to police about this ongoing search and we will keep you posted on any new developments. john cardinale passed away on wednesday after a two year battle with gastric cancer. the raceway spokesperson says that cardinale was a friend, a fine human -- and as fine of a human being you would ever know. the cal women are in the hunt. rob roth is live with the growing excitement at cal. >> reporter: on telegraph avenue you see berkeley is just
5:35 pm
up the street and at pappy sports bar and grill they're flying the school's colors getting ready for tomorrow's big college games. the men and womens. berkeley may be reknowned for its academic program but it's basketball that's in the spotlight right now. with the men'sbasketball team advanced in las vegas, the following is growing. >> around campus there's some buzz. >> a lot of people are ripping cal and talking about the team so it's fun to be around. >> reporter: tomorrow's game against syracuse in san jose is sold out. tickets are going from $100 for nosebleed seeds to $2,000 to sit court side. stub hub says it's been one of the most sought after tickets because the game is being played in the bay area. >> last night i was at the game. i thought we played great and i'm glad we beat them this time
5:36 pm
around. >> reporter: at pappy's sports bar, a tape of yesterday's game was on the tv screen. the owner said it was packed here last night and expects even bigger crowds tomorrow morning. >> a lot of people cheering at every play. the energy was very electric. it should be very good again tomorrow. >> reporter: many students will be going home for spring break but say they will be watching from home. and the women's team is also receiving a lot of buzz. >> i don't think our women's teams get any credit, ever. >> reporter: as long as the team keeps winning, the enthusiasm will keep growing. rob roth, ktvu news. has a special section dedicated to the ncaa tournament. click on our home page and test your knowledge with our march
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madness quiz. numbers from nonprofit open secrets show cal spent $740,000 last year for lobbying. that money is used to bring more funding back to the school. >> spending 500,000 or $1 million over the course of one year could bring back 10 million, $20 million to the university or even a whole lot more and hey that's a great investment for them. >> reporter: colleges and universities spent almost $90 million on lobbying last year. we continue to cover live breaking news. this is where police are responding to reports of a suspicious package at a college campus. they got a report about 3:20 this afternoon about a suspicious package at building seven there at the skyline campus. this building here is on college drive in san bruno. the san bruno police department is on the scene also that a bomb squad is in as well. we do know that the entire college has been evacuated and
5:38 pm
the school is closed. that decision was made and posted as of about 4:00 this afternoon. the college serves some 11,000 students but again school is closed for the day. an announcemented on the school's website says that classes are expected to be here tomorrow. we see empty parking lots and it's awful quite from this vantage point. but we will bring you more information. when we do get more information we will bring it straight to you. more than 100 children have died this flu season nationwide. the centers for disease control say 105 children have died and they also say that's five more than the average. yoko ono yesterday used the 44th anniversary of her wedding to john lennon to protest gun violence. she sent out a tweet saying
5:39 pm
quote we're turning this beautiful country -- the confrontation that came to blows on one of the busiest bus lines in san francisco. apple is stepping up security on i tunes. the new measure the cupertino says is meant to protect their customers. hello?
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san francisco police are looking for a man who's accused of carrying out a brazen attack on a crowded nunni bus. the attack happened last weekend on the 14 mission bus at mission street and anandego avenue. the man pushed his way through the crowd aisle, the girl then pushed him and yelled. there is some controversy brewing in silican valley over the firing of a female technology developer over a tweet she sent out. adria richards was fired by e- mail delivery company sandgrid after tweeting about a group of men sunday. she said the men were making
5:43 pm
offensive sexual comments. richards took a picture of the men and posted it along with their alleged comments. sangrid issued a statement saying richards had a right to stand up for herself but the way she handled it was inappropriate. apple users are being urged to use a new two step verification feature to guard themselves from security breeches. a major flaw was discovered today that allowed people to take over accounts. someone can easily hijack an apple users account. if customers choose to use the new two step verification after they log on with the name and password, they'll then receive a pass code sent as a text message. ebay's pay pal, google have also introduced similar security tools. the tech company is the
5:44 pm
largest maker of management software. the split will take place april 3rd. earlier this month, sales closed at a record high when sales and profits topped expectation. the oakland police chief says being an officer here is a very tough job in a very tough city. but we have the story of 38 people who have accepted the challenge. back here in just 10 minutes your bay area weekend basically here. how warm is it going to be as we head into your saturday and sunday. and which cities will be the warmest? i'll let you know. new at 6:00, a principal leaps into action to stop an i pad injustice. >> i tried to go fast and that's when i caught him and just dragged him down. >> how the alleged thief stole dozens of i pads from students. >> a dumping sting, we will
5:45 pm
tell you what the officers found. what's in store for next week's big tunnel opening? tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select! this march, we're kicking things off with the low fat oven roasted chicken $3 six-inch select.
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for the first time in four years new recruits graduated from the oakland police academy. jade hernandez is live in oak -- oakland to explain why police are adamant that these officers keep the pledge they made. >> reporter: today the oakland police department gains 38 new officers. >> peterson. >> reporter: back in september, ktvu was there when the department began instructing new recruits. six months later inside a scotish rite temple, they gathered to celebrate.
5:48 pm
>> that's a big difference, you're now police officers, congratulations. >> reporter: mayor jean quan thanked the family members. >> thank you family for giving us your family to be part of the city of oakland. >> reporter: cheers came from the lowe family as this proud father pinned a badge on his son, past valedictorian. they'll be placing extra officers on at risk areas. jade hernandez, ktvu news. a frenchman is under arrest in philadelphia accused of impersonating an airline pilot.
5:49 pm
61-year-old phillipe genard boarded a u.s. airways plane going to florida and made it all the way into the cockpit. genard became argumentative when the crew asked for his credentials. he's being held on $1 million bail. the federal aviation administration made a list of closure today. those that are staffed by private contractors so the future of tower operations at bay area airports such as napa, concord and livermore is still unknown. famed ground hog punxsutawney is being sued.
5:50 pm
the prosecutor wants to hold phil personally responsible for the faulty forecast. many states are still seeing snow and temperatures in the teens. the prosecutor is everyone calling for the death penalty. >> ouch. officials in san francisco are celebrating the completion of three conservation projects. the prompts are prompt -- the projects are expected to save millions of the gallons of water a year. >> we removed about 30% of the turf grass. we install add better irrigation system. spent about $1 million doing that and we're saving about 2 million-gallons of water a year. around the bay area today warm and sunny just as our chief meteorologist bill martin told us about yesterday at 5:00. >> the weekends certainly -- the weekend certainly looking nice.
5:51 pm
in some places a little windy as well. the current temperatures give you a snapshot of what we had. 68 in santa rosa. kind of cool right there in san francisco. 58 and 56 in half-moon bay. a nice looking bay area weekend coming up. here are your overnight low temperatures. 42 in vallejo, 40 in antioch. your saturday morning, i know you have stuff going on, baseball game with the kids, i'm not sure what all sports you have if you're golfing it's chilly in the morning. daytime highs a lot like today. maybe a couple of degrees warmer i think we will see a couple more 70s tomorrow. as we go into sunday. warmer still. it's not hot but warmer still like maybe some mid-70s in the warmest spot. yellows are 70s. this is your saturday temperature footprint. not bad. as you get up here to the central valley up near sacramento and marysville. you're in the 70s maybe some mid-70s. you're starting to feel like spring it is spring and the weather is acting like it. as we go into tonight.
5:52 pm
what we looked at today was the breezy conditions today everyone tonight it's still kind of breezy. as we head into the weekend. less wind, a little bit warmer. these are subtle changes. i guess the big thing you will notice are the tree pollen. because they're really going off. the fact you're seeing all those fresh blossoms and blooms. i know a lot of people are really bothered. today is going to be one of the worse days because of the wind. but it'll create an environment that will be hard on you. the weekend forecast shapes out like this. increasing clouds which is good. we still need rain. in some places we're at 77% of average. we haven't had significant rain since december. >> we had the big rush early, a lot of storms then nothing. all right, bill. thank you. a common seasoning is killing people. the new science it draws the
5:53 pm
link to more than 2 million deaths in more than one year. >> also ahead a baby shot and killed while sitting in his stroller.
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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police in georgia have arrested two teenagers suspected in the shooting death of a 14 -month-old baby. a woman told police two men
5:56 pm
approached her and demanded money. she told police when she said she didn't have any they shot her in her leg and shot and killed her son in his stroller. police picked up two teenagers after they canvassed school records and community. officials say a marine fatally shot and male and female colleague last night before he killed himself in a barracks room. the three marines were part of the staff at the officer candidate school. >> as we take care of our marines and their families that are dealing with this tragedy, i would also ask for the support of our neighbors, the community, and their thoughts and prayers. >> this shooting is the second tragedy in a week for the marine corp. seven marines were killed on monday when a mortar shell exploded during training at
5:57 pm
hawthorn army depot. energy drinks may increase mood pressure and disturb heart rhythms. studies looked at various heart measures following consumption of one two three energy drinks. researchers said they found people's systolic blood pressure was raised. this new study is considered preliminary because it was presented at a medical conference and has not been published. eating too much salt was linked to two preponderate 3 million heart related deaths around the world in 2010. harvard researchers looked at 213 surveys of salt intake. the american heart association recommends no more than 1,500- milligrams of sodium a day but the study's author say it is national average salt intake is
5:58 pm
nearly 2-1/2 times that amount. b.a.r.t. police say that this dog named archie may have been taken off the train. t era n anahan fell asleep on a train. when she woke up her service dog was gone. archie helps lanahan deal with her anxiety to deal with her anxiety after being in a plane crash when she was a child. this is considered grand theft because archie is valued at more than $1,000. we continue to monitor a stand off in san jose. a bay area principal being hailed a hero after chasing down an alleged thief accused of stealing more than two dozen i pads from students.
5:59 pm